ABOUT THE ARTIST                      

The purpose and intent of the artist is to produce lasting, inspirational and
visual artistic forms as valuable reminders that effectively share our
particular interests, activities and human experiences with our constant and
continuing emotions connected to the beauty, creativity  and appreciation of

David Allred, artist, sculptor, teacher, sportsman and wildlife enthusiast,
received his degree in art and teaching credential from the University of
Utah. The majority of is art work reflects his intense interests in the
outdoors. Using a variety of metals and woods, Allred celebrates nature. Use
of these exciting materials entices Allred toward an endless array of
possibilities. Consequently his work has broad appeal. Birds, fish animals
and sportsmen are major subjects, treated with reverence and attention to
detail. Insects and fishing flies become shining works of art under his torch.
Each piece is unique, individually conceived and executed by the artist.  

His  images from  nature—painstakingly produced in brass, copper, steel and
wood speak to men and women who know and love these moments and these
creatures. Using his torch and metals Allred captures the essence of wildlife
and the human outdoor experience. Allred’s skill and technique lend
themselves to a variety of subjects and treatments. Some of his pieces are of a
realistic nature, particularly his sporting art. Others are more abstract in
form, utilizing various interpretations of the metal and wood combinations.
His custom work includes large metal wall sculpture for commercial
interests, trophies, figures in action, caricatures, assemblages and some
abstracts—special orders designed to meet the customers needs.

Collectors from across the U.S., Canada, Japan, Europe, South America,
Australia and New Zealand own and appreciate his sculpture. Many have
commissioned special subjects.

Awards and recognition have come in exhibitions and shows. Who’s Who in
California recognized him in the 1981 edition. His productions have been
displayed in galleries as well as be some of the most prominent and
distinguished names in the sporting world including Abercrombie and Fitch,
Cabela’s, Eddie Bauer, Orvis and Wild Wings.

An avid sportsman, Allred is active in organizations dedicated to the
protection and preservation of wildlife and habitat. He lives and works out of
his studio in Redding, California with his wife, Terry.
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Dave Allred